Why Teddy Roosevelt?

Why BullsEye Public Affairs?

Theodore Roosevelt was a master communicator. He used his “Bully Pulpit” to expand the influence of the president like no other before him and few since.

Teddy used every communications tool at his disposal. He was an excellent orator who often gave campaign style speeches at rallies and other events. He used the press effectively to deliver his message to the people and even made audio recordings to ensure his message was delivered accurately.

Just like Teddy, we use every communications tool available today to develop and deliver our clients’ message to voters, constituents, members and donors.

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We provide turn-key services for our clients, and we understand both the urgency of political campaigns and the need for long-term development for businesses and issue organizations. Our goal is to engage voters, supporters and association members to call, email, write and show up to make a difference; in addition, we will recruit new supporters to your efforts. Our approach is simple: engage quickly and look toward the long-term result of building a durable coalition that can be counted on time and again.

Who we are

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Jon Coley
Mail & Grassroots Communication
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Patricia Mitchell
Research & Targeting
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Beth Hamilton
Special Projects
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Lee Ann Mayo
Research & Special Projects
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Lucie Peaster
Project Management & Public Relations
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Josh Peaster
Grasstops & Special Projects
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John Simpson
Strategic Communications
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Clifton Carroll
Strategic Communications
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