Direct Mail

In today’s fast-paced, high tech communications environment, direct mail still plays a vital role.

Direct Mail

Associations and campaigns today usually have two choices when selecting a direct mail vendor. The local firm who lacks messaging experience and capacity versus the big national footprint vendor who has sales reps in state capitols across the country.

We believe BullsEye offers the best of both worlds — the scope and efficiencies of a large firm along with the personal service, flexibility and exceptional creative of a more intimate company.

Our strategy is simple — make mail memorable.  With every effort we strive to use memorable designs that cut through the clutter and deliver an effective message that strengthens our candidate and weakens our opponent.  We encourage candidates to use a variety of positive, contrast and negative pieces.  The goal is to create direct mail that recipients pass around the Friday night football games and the dinner table.  Of course, this means clever artwork to include the best photos available and multiple layout types including roll folds, oversized flat postcards, gate folds and more.

We understand the importance of targeting by issue interest, vote history, party, geography, gender, age and more to get the most bang for the buck. We feel it is also important to work in coordination with other forms of advertising to drive home a consistent message.